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Construction Services

Acme Electric’s Construction Division tackles new installations using computerized estimating and project scheduling software. The technology helps the company keep a project on track, on time, and within budget. Our Design & Build team collaborates with design and build professionals to accommodate a customer’s specific needs. Acme will provide both design and construction professionals as well as drawing certification capabilities to create facilities and manufacturing systems that realize optimal cost and achieve maximum construction efficiency.

Electrical Work

Design-Build/ BIM Coordination Services

Acme Electric Company's long history of success is due in large part to our ability as a Design-Build contractor. We have collaborated with other contractors for over half a century and clients, providing services such as pre-construction estimates and cost control/information systems that help keep projects within by cutting down on unnecessary expenses or time delays during construction when working alongside our partners at all stages from initial design through completion.

Electrical Work

24/7 Service Department & Residential Services

Electrical Work

Commercial Services

Electrical Work

Industrial Services


Partners we rely on

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