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Design Build Services

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Our Expert Team

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Acme Electric company commercial electrician cedar rapids

Pre Construction

Step 1) Initial Meeting to ​Establish

  • Project Scope

  • Project Objectives

  • Project Constraints

Step 2) Site Analysis​ to Determine

  • Existing Conditions

  • Potential Challanges

  • Potential Opportunities

Step 3) Feasibility Study

  • Budget Estimates 

  • Design Development concepts that align with your vision to and fit within your budget

  • Preliminary Estimates provided to analyze project practicality

Cost Control & Risk Identification

Step 1) Budget Management

  • Provide initial detailed estimate for complete project scope of work requested

  • Regular monitoring and updating of budget as project progresses and owner changes are made

Step 2) Risk Assessment 

  • Identify project risks at every phase of construction including

    • Financial Risks

    • Legal Risks

    • Environmental Risks

    • Operational Risks

Step 3) Procurement Strategy

  • Develop and monitor procurement strategy to align

    • Project timelines

    • Budgetary needs

    • Quality standards

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Electrical engineering acme electric company cedar rapids

Value Engineering Philosophy & Process

Step 1) Functional Analysis

  • Examining all project elements to ensure they fulfill their intended function at the lowest lifecycle cost

  • Focusing on efficiency without compromising quality

Step 2) Cost- Effectiveness with our Expertise and Experience

  • Identifying unnecessary expenditures 

  • Recommending Cost saving options via​

    • Alternate installation methods

    • Prefabrication methods

    • Proven past practice methods

  • All Cost Savings recommendations WILL NEVER compromise quality of installations or final product​

Step 3) Collaboration and Innovation

  • Encouraging review by both on team and off team members of Acme Electric to bring collaboration and innovative solutions

  • Involving all stakeholders in the value engineering process for diverse perspectives​

Construction Schedule & Strategy

Step 1) Timeline Development

  • Pre Construction Meeting

    • Develop a comprehensive timeline that outlines each phase of the project​

      • Incorporating Milestones, Deadlines, and Dependencies

Step 2) Resource Allocation

  • Efficient allocation of needed

    • Labor​

    • Equipment

    • Materials

  • Ensuring all resources are available when needed to avoid delays 

Step 3) In- House Prefabrication

  • Utilizing this method to ensure items are delivered to site constructed and ready to be installed to control labor costs and installation timelines

Step 4) Contingency Planning

  • Building contingencies into the schedule for unforeseen delays or challenges

  • Flexible and adaptable planning to accommodate owner changes


Step 5) Regular Monitoring through project completion

  • Weekly coordination meetings throughout the construction process to ensure

    • Project remains on schedule ​

    • Project changes are communicated quickly and efficiently

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